Governance, Risk and Compliance

Taking your  AMBER RISKS  and turn them into  MANAGED RISKS

We are a Wealth Management GRC Consultancy business that delivers change, and develops regulatory technology solutions (Regtech)

Guernsey Country Risk Profiles we use Odoo to develop integrated risk profiling.

This is data taken from our risk_factors module which forms part of the risk management system. It is what I consider necessary data as an MLRO. The wider module, which I will happily set up and demo is expanded to cover risk appetite reporting. 

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GRC Consultancy

From full outsourced Compliance (MLRO/MLCO)
Independent Reviews - Controls and Monitoring
Provision of Compliance and AML/CFT Training

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GRC Risk Assessments

Take your BRA or any other business risk assessment to the next level. Every good risk assessment is a journey and we want to be your guide.

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Independent Reviews

We provide an independent GRC service , to test your Policies, Procedures and Controls. Also we can help with coverage, gap analysis and drafting.

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Zero Based Design Risk Assessement

We utilise a Zero Based design approach to risk managment, to build a framework to ensure your controls and monitoring are lean and fit for purpose.

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Odoo - GRC Modules

Our Governance Risk and Compliance Modules that plug into the Odoo Platform, Covering, Financial Crime, Legal Obligations, Compliance Monitoring,  HR modules extended to cover, training, CPD and screening records.

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Odoo - Your Data, Your Control

On Premises or,
Cloud. You choose, Guernsey, Jersey, London, New York, California, Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Singapore.

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Odoo - Integrate all your business functions

Accounting, Human Resources, CRM, Email Marketing, Digital Signing, Client Portals, Timesheets and 1,000's more 

Our Unique Solution

We are a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Consultancy

We deliver operational change,    not just consultancy, we educate and we aim to simplify regulatory complexity. 

Our core GRC beliefs are:-
 Educate and develop Risk management frameworks
 Simplify and make your Policies, Procedures, and Controls more robust
 Regulatory Change Management needs to be a key Compliance Function 
 Data integrity and sovereignty is a key risk
 Lean Six Sigma methodology    tell me more

Our core Regtech beliefs are:-
 Keep your data sovereignty, it's your data, stay in control
 Understand IT risks (especially Cloud-based risks) from a business perspective
 Understand and Manage your Outsourcing risks
 Transparency and portability is a key right
 Zero Based Design methodology   tell me more

Managing regulatory risk is a challenge and as soon as one project ends, another begins. If you don't stay in front of changes, the cost of compliance starts to rise exponentially.

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Take your AMBER RISKS and turn them into MANAGED RISKS

In conjunction with Odoo, join us and make your company a better place.