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Risk and Compliance 

From online training to full Compliance back office systems, hosted on premises, or on our local servers.

In the Wealth Management world tick box risk assessments or risk weighted scoring doesn't cut the mustard, it hardly ever touches or identifies real risks. Often models have to be skewed to match your expectations. It is difficult to apply AI models to low transactional and high complexity models without having 100,000 + models, plus AI requires regression modelling to be trained on outcomes.    

Designed by experienced Risk and Compliance officers, always evolving and always scalable. The system has been designed around a full AML/CFT Business Risk Assessment model.

Undertake full qualitive assessments, on your client data and connect straight back to your key BRA metrics, policies and procedures and all the way back to the legislation.

For regulated businesses from 5 users to unlimited from £50 per user per month 

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So why is the Amberisk Risk Profiling tool different?

Zero Math's Risk Profiling 

For non quantative risks placing numerical values on patterned risks, will not drive mitigations.  

Build Customer Risk Registers 

Write what the customer would like to know,
not what you want to show.

Incorporate legacy profiles

The document management system and the risk identification grid allow you to extract key risk data into the profile

Map risk interplay

Not all relationships have an effect on the ultimate client relationship, identify and mitigate these 

Develop specific profiles

Use Word or Excel to build specific profiles, for example that match a product or service and map these key risks in the identification grid

Future proof software

Built on the back of Odoo, which has an annual upgrade cycle. Security is key and updated regularly as there are over 1m deployments.

Low exit costs and risks

If you decide to leave, you can take your data with you. It is yours and is held on a Postgres Database, which can be run on a zero licensing basis. (this is a big plus for liquidation  situations) 

Compliance Best Practices

Developed by experienced Risk managers and Compliance officers. Build robust management information into your board and risk oversight functions

Many additional features

Accounting: A full multi company and multi currency system

CRM and email marketing

A solution for
every compliance need

Built on Odoo an ERP system that has over 8 million users worldwide. Amberisk has spent the last 5 years developing a client centric risk and compliance system that is designed to remove all of those paper based workflows.

  • Document Management system
  • CRM tracking on Pipeline and existing Clients
  • Client Risk Assessment
  • Entity Risk Assessments (Trust, Foundation, Company and Partnerships)
  • Risk Dashboard that connects to real data

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Pure Qualitive Risk Assessments

The model is designed on a risk factors that drives the inherent risk rating. The model is score free and requires that you evidence your rational as to why the risk can be reduced.

It also captures any evidence that you apply into that risk reduction.

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