Odoo, your management solution

Customization  app

Why Odoo? 

  • Odoo is open-source (what does this mean)

  • Reduce or even avoid your exposure to US-based companies such as Microsoft Dynamics and hosted Sharepoint, Salesforce and Zero (hosting), Mail Chimp,  Eventbright the list goes on. 

  •  Reduced ties to proprietary software lockins, such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases

  • Proven scalable framework

  • Highly modular, making for easier upgrades and data separation

  • Completely transparent backups, on and off the cloud

  • Local support with second line support from the developers

  • With 4 million users, Odoo S.A. cover the platform R&D, Security,  Annual Upgrades, and Bug fixes

  • You can develop your own modules, even hire your own developers, all the code is open! 

You own your data, where it is located, and who has access to it.

You can choose the following modules, best of all you don't have to do it all at once!