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We are Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Consultancy

We deliver operational change, not just consultancy, we educate and we aim to simplify regulatory complexity. 

Our core GRC beliefs are:-
Educate and develop Risk management frameworks
  Simplify and make your Policies, Procedures, and Controls more robust
Regulatory Change Management needs to be a key Compliance Function 
  Data integrity and sovereignty is a key risk

Our core Regtech beliefs are:-
Keep your data sovereignty, it's your data, stay in control
 Understand IT risks (especially Cloud-based risks) from a business perspective
   Understand and Manage your Outsourcing risks
Transparency and portability is a key right

Managing regulatory risk is a challenge and as soon as one project ends, another begins. If you don't stay in front of changes, the cost of compliance starts to rise exponentially.

Meet the Team

Company team

Hayden Morgan, Consultant

Founder and chief technologist, Hayden is the driving force behind Company. He has acted as a Risk Consultant, MLRO for several multinational banks working in Fiduciary, Funds, Investments, and Banking.

Company team

Kate Walton, Support

Kate keeps us all together and on top of our tasks, she is currently training up on Odoo, with an eye to helping training in deployments.