Independant Financial Advisers

This Odoo module turns your Odoo installation into an IFA management tool.
Manage your client records and engagements, from policies to services as financial advice and estate planning.

Multi currency and multi jurisdiction

Client portal and interaction from your own data set.

  Client Module

Expands the Odoo contacts into full client record data, so that you can manage suitability and due diligence documentation. Designed for the IFA who wants to expand their services without expanding their cost base.

Client and Corporate Portal

Update your clients and allow them access, allow your corporate clients to access associated data. For example a Company pension and insurance benefits, the employees can access their own data and the Corporate can see and manage their schemes. 

 Product Module

Manage the products you offer from service providers, see coverage and aggregate exposures, and manage get the data a product risk committee needs at the click of a button. Update individual products for example with term sheets or overviews and the clients holding these contracts can view the documents.

 Contracts Module

Provide traditional advice and guidance for insurance products, including the timesheet and invoicing modules and this can be expanded to other services such as estate planning or ad valorem fee income for discretionary management. Unlike other IFA software products, this is only limited by your license and experience. Expanded to manage the challenges and diversity that offshore wealth management offers.

No Commitment trial

We don't believe that you should sign up before actually trying the product first, so we offer a low commitment and require that we undertake a GAP analysis of your needs, even then the next step is together to create an optimized path to implementation. 

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