Independent Reviews

Reviewing consumes your valuable resources, especially if your redirecting valuable fee earning resources to seek the assurance your business needs.

We have the experience to help you develop, explore and improve your risk assurance controls. 

Why an Independent  Reviewer

Running a business can be complex. Managing change, promotions, restructuring can all create all types of potential conflicts of interest or errode separation of duties. We can help you manage the gap, educate and improve employee awareness, find opportunities to embed compensating controls in your operation. 

Effective reviewing requires skill and knowledge :
Knowledge of regulation - From Gap analysis to the robustness of you Policies, Procedures and Controls
Knowledge of external risks - Experience of operational risks in your peers, acquire intelligence beyond your companies borders
Knowledge of alternative solutions - Hire the expertise and experience 

Identify your key KPI's and help you define your tolerances so you have a KRI.