Governance, Risk and Compliance

Consultants who are specialists and experienced, in Governance, Risk and Compliance

We cover :

Compliance Services covering Fiduciary, Fund Administration, Insurance, Asset Management, Financial Advisers, Banking and Custody

Regulatory Compliance

MLRO - Provision, monitoring and Training

MLCO - Provision,  monitoring and Training 

AML/CFT Business Risk Assessment - Planning, identification and implementation

Compliance Monitoring - First line and Second Line monitoring and testing, we can be your third line

Policies, Procedures and Controls - Gap Analysis, Reviewing, Testing and Drafting services

Governance and Oversight - CoG assessments, skill matrix, delegation and authorities

Risk Assessments

Business Risk (BRA)

Operational Risk (ORM)

Prudential Risks such as vendor and Outsourcing

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Frameworks 

Insurance Risk

Technology and Privacy

Remediation Services

CDD & SoW Remediation

Project Management and oversight

Regulatory Remediation

Project support and oversight

Book wind down and  de risking

Guernsey Regulated - Start Ups

Regulatory Engagement

Provision of Regulatory Compliance

Risk Management (including Regulatory Risk)