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Second Line

Second Line is for businesses who consider the management of legal and regulatory compliance a key risk. The compliance function should operate independently of the first line business. The systems in the first line should manage matters such as CDD and transaction monitoring.

Second line is for the business that needs an independent function to test and monitor the key controls in the business. This has been built on an open-source platform called Odoo. By doing this Amberisk can offer other second line systems that integrate seamlessly into the platform.

Completely modular, all of the modules sit outside of the core system. This allows a clean and structured method to manage changes for your  organisation  and avoids the issue of sharing your enhancements with other users.

Online platform allows highly controlled outsourcing to happen with instant and complete oversight.

Financial Crime

Manage internal and external reports. Timely investigations and MI for the board. Have your staff make disclosures directly through the web portal or manage issues by email

Compliance Registers

Integrated registers for managing issues identified in the business. Single event reporting that can be  dealt  with  by different functions. (i.e. record keeping loss may impact Compliance and also data protection)


Fully function multi-currency Accounting platform for the business. Online expenses posting, timesheet led invoicing 


Customer Relationship Portal to securely connect with clients that you can correspond over and drive that client contact into assigned and measurable tasks


Manage your board reporting and visibility, create actions and delegations from the board, or delegated committees. The single platform allows an issue to be drilled down to the detail in an instant, reduce those matters that need to come back to the board.

Risk Assessments

Framework to build living risk assessments that can drive the Compliance monitoring, ensuring that you manage effective cost to risk management

HR Suite

Fully functioning HR suite, Governance and Compliance needs clearly define risk owners and roles, this can be expanded for those who need an HR system or connected to existing systems for those who don't

Pipeline and Lead Generation

Manage your potential leads and inquiries through onboarding to invoicing. Monitor and generate MI for Board reporting

Bespoke Modules

We can design and deliver